dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

New blog

This blog is moving! I have a new blog at my website

Please visit for all news about Marieke Blokland, Bloknote, BloknoteTV, Marieke's workshops, tutorial video's, Mixed Media art news and much, much more. You can also find my website using:

For Marieke's Mixed Media Art school BloknoteAcademy go to:
Hope to see you there!

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Love, Marieke

dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

How to draw eyes

So. You want to learn from me how to draw an eye, right?

I am so sorry if you truly thought, that I would teach you how to draw an eye. You can check the video here, or here, or here, or here, (etc.) if you want to learn how to draw a realistic eye. These are all great tutorial video's.

Realism. For many there is something magical about that. For many people, I think most people, there is this idea that being able to draw is being able to draw realistically. People who say 'I can't draw' mean that they can't draw realistically.

If I ask my my 6 year old daughter: 'Can you draw eyes?' 
She would never reply: 'No, I can't draw.' 
She would say: 'Yes, sure!'
And she would draw this:

You nor me would ever complain that those are not eyes.

To turn it around: people never tell me that I can't draw. If I tell them that I am a poor drawer, they even start to laugh, as if I was Jamie Oliver saying that he can't cook.

I can't draw an realistic eye. (As all my followers and students know, I can't draw hands either.) Or, probably I can, as it is just a trick. But I am not really interested, so I don't bother.

I draw eyes like these, and I love it!

Share this blog with everyone who ever tells you 'I can't draw' and proove them they are so wrong. Go to  for more fun drawing, painting, illustration, art journaling and mixed media tutorials!

zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

Thought about handmade gifts

Currently I work freelance for KreaDoe, a large Dutch crafts fair. This thursday I got to interview Maaike van Koert from creJJtion for the KreaDoe newspaper. Maaike is a well-known Dutch blogger who recently published her wonderful crochet book 'Puur haken'.

 I was so impressed by one thing she said: 'Today we are allowed to give a handmade gift. A couple of years ago, people would think it is weird to give something handmade. At present we in fact really appreciate it.' We both loved this development.

Have a look at Maaike's blog, it's really wonderful. I can't crochet myself - at all - but I totally adore her work.

By Maaike van Koert from CreJJtion.

vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

KreaDoe give away!

At present I temporarily work freelance for KreaDoe. KreaDoe is the largest and most inspiring consumer's fair in creative hobby's. I write content for their website, facebook and a free newspaper all visitors receive at the fair.

Today I have been working on an article about Art Journaling and Mixed Media and got my hands dirty myself! Art Journaling will always be my passion!

I'll share the full article another time, but I thought it would be fun to share a few sneak peaks of the article, as I am also allowed to give away a few free entrance tickets to the fair, and I used those photo's for that give away too. For more information about the give away go to my Dutch mixed media fanpage MMNL (MixedMediaNL):

KreaDoe is in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 5th untill 9thof November.

dinsdag 30 september 2014

Typography nerds united!

Did I ever tell you I am a font nerd? Probably I did. :) 

And if not: well, I am. 

Frutiger, Helvetica? I dig it. I have a secret love-affair with Bombshell. I adore Veneer. (It is the font I use for Bloknote.) I studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts St Joost in Breda, so I am educated to be a graphic designer. When you start talking about fonts to me, it is very likely that I start rambling about fonts for two hours. Even about comic sans.

Heidi Swapp
I am an art-journaler. I am an illustrator. I am a designer. I am a YouTuber. I am a mixed media artist. But I am also a.... scrapper! For me scrapbooking is a creative hobby that feeds my designer heart. I love the pretty, well designed surface designs of scrapbook papers or project life cards. Scrapbook designer Heidi Swapp ( is one of my personal heroes. You won't see me using her work a lot here, as, well, I am a designer myself. But I do follow her work and admire it a lot. She brought style to scrapbooking.

Heidi is a graphic designer who pays close attention to trends in design. One of the things Heidi Swapp does well is incorporating the popular hand lettering in her awesome designs. 

The New Calligraphy
Calligraphy old-fashioned? Nope, not anymore! Hand lettering is more popular than ever. And calligraphy is embraced again as an old friend, but a friend wearing an übercool new coat.

To show you that hand-lettering and modern calligraphy is not as hard as it looks (and to be able to talk about fonts all day!), I have developed two short workshops for the Dutch scrapbook shop Creatief Centrum Heesch on Sunday October 19th.

The first workshop is a workshop where you can learn about lettering with a fine liner, starting with your own handwriting. In the second workshop I will teach you how you can make those really pretty, swirly modern calligraphed letters with a fancy dip pen in a very easy way. 
The two workshops combine very well, as in the first I will show you the somewhat more easy techniques. All those techniques you can incorporate in the second workshop and you can really bring your lettering to a higher level. 

It is not about making the final projects, you will really learn a lot about lettering in these workshops!

There are still some spots available for both, so book your workshops now!
Would love to meet you there! :-)

maandag 4 augustus 2014

Tropical Paradise Surface Design

Joined the free and inspiring MakeitinDesign Summer School, because I would like to learn more about pattern designing. I have always admired surface design and designed a couple of surfaces before, but now that I am 33 - and turning 34 in September - I am more and more thinking about what I want to be when I grow up ;-)

One of my dreams is to design scrapbook papers one day. So I have made a sort of 5 year plan of all the things I would love to learn and do in the next 5 years - or so; and what direction I would like my "brand" Bloknote to grow to. Learning how to design patterns is one of them. :-)

Here is my design for the beginners track of the MakeItIndesign. The briefing told us to design a tropical pattern. I was completely overwhelmed by all the amazing talent at the programm. But since I myself am teaching others how to art journal and make mixed media art and always tell others not to compare their work to others... I think I need to follow my own advice more often ;-)

I wanted to stay really true to myself, so I decided to go for a flamingo pattern, as I have always loved flamingo's and I think they are a huge trend in design at the moment.
I loved the idea of the original fineliner doodle sketch to come through to keep it playful, so I used to rough line work of my sketch in the final art work.

donderdag 19 juni 2014

Art Journaling on your Holiday - the online workshop

If you don't speak Dutch I have some bad news for you... My newest online workshop will only be available in Dutch! I have made this especially for the media site of the dutch scrapbook shop Scrapdelight The good news is... I will run something similar next year, in 2015, in English. That is a promise! :-)

Als je Nederlands spreekt heb ik goed nieuws voor je! Deze superleuke online workshop gaat vanaf 30 juni 2014 online bij Scrapdelight Wil je meedoen? Reserveer nu dan alvast je plaatsje op en koop gelijk ook een van de bijpassende workshop kits!

 Ik ga op vakantie en neem mee.... Veel te veel! Ben jij ook iemand die zich elk jaar voorneemt om tijdens je vakantie lekker met je creatieve hobby bezig te zijn, maar vervolgens veel te veel spullen meeneemt die je amper gebruikt? Zie je op tegen het meenemen van hobbyspullen, omdat je tassen en koffers dan zo zwaar worden? Of heb je gewoon echt geen idee wat je mee zou moeten nemen voor een leuk vajantie journal? Dit jaar doen we het anders! Men neme 1 toilettasje (van bijvoorbeeld de HEMA; circa 24x16x6cm) en we nemen alléén spullen mee die ín dat tasje passen. Past het er niet in? Dan mag het niet mee! :) 

 Gedurende vier weken (elke week 1 filmpje) geeft Marieke Blokland ( je in deze online workshop van Scrapdelight je een aantal vrolijke, zomerse ideeën voor art-journal technieken. Je krijgt elke week een paar inspirerende, leuke teken- en kliederopdrachtjes die je gedurende de desbetreffende week kunt voeren. Na vier weken heb je een mooi persoonlijk verslag van wat je omheen hebt gezien en wat je die vier weken heeft bezig gehouden. Het maakt niet uit waar jij op dat moment de zomer aan het vieren bent, of je nu in je luie hangmat in Italië bengelt, actief in de Zwitserse Alpen wandelt, of op je krent in Drenthe een hunebed inspecteert. Het wordt géén standaard vakantie dagboek met verplichte lange geschreven verslagen. Dit wordt een vrolijk, zomers, alles-mag-en-niets-moet-teken-en-klieder-dagboek, helemaal van jou. Je hoeft voor deze workshop niet te kunnen tekenen, het is heel geschikt voor zowel beginners als gevorderden. 

 De workshop begint op maandag 30 juni 2014 en in de 4 daaropvolgende weken zetten wij steeds een nieuwe film met uitleg online. Inbegrepen bij deze online workshop: 
* Toegang tot een exlcusief gedeelte op de website, speciaal voor de workshop 
* 4 korte, Nederlandstalige vrolijke lesvideo's gemaakt door Marieke Blokland 
 * 1 vrolijke intro video * korting op de speciaal samengestelde materialen kit 
* ondersteuning voor vragen en opmerkingen in een besloten facebook group. Scrapdelight workshop kit "Art Journaling op Vakantie" 

We hebben speciale workshop kits voor je samengesteld. Kijk op de website van Scrapdelight voor meer info:

Published in Cards & Scrap magazine: Art Journaling on vacation

My work is published in the "Cards & Scrap" magazine! It is an article called "Art Journaling on vacation" about how you can make nice art journal pages without bringing too much art supplies. All supplies fit in a small bag.

Here is the video that comes with the article:

woensdag 11 juni 2014

Tutti Colori: Color Inspiration by Bloknote

I was making a color palette the other day and I realized that years ago I used to have these 'color inspiration' blocks on my blog. That was before the Pinterest age ;-) 

I myself love all those inspiring color palettes on Pinterest so I figured it my be nice to put some color inspiration on my blog regularly again for to to inspire you with your mixed media art or art journaling, or for whatever art or craft you need inspiration. Hope you will enjoy! If you have made anything with this color palette, I would love to see it!
Marieke xxx

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Productive art journaling day with Pink & Mint Green colors

Yesterday me and my family enjoyed a day off because of Pentecost. The weather here in the Netherlands was quite weird. It was very warm and humid, but it was also raining (and in some parts of the country even storming) occasionally as well.  Too hot to do anything I took some of my art supplies and narrowed down my color palette to only a few colors. It made me so productive!  I had:
  • some Caran D'ache Neocolors
  • a couple of my Molotow paint markers,
  • my copic fineliners,
  • spica glitter pens,
  • a pencil,
  • my titanium white Ara acrylics,
  • and some color pencils.

I was inspired by the pretty pastel pink flowers I rescued from my own garden. I had put them in a pretty mint green bottle. Adore this color combination!
Check my Instagram for more photo's of my source of inspiration and work in progress pics.

"Herfstormen in de lente" (Autumn storms in spring)

Paris by bike

Dreaming princess

The happy couple

maandag 2 juni 2014

Summer Art Journal background "Orange slices"

I was playing with the same stencil I used in this blog-post of last month, using the Dutch Doobadoo stencil and Molotow Spray paint again. 

But this time I used neon orange spray paint and I added some shading using a simple graphite pencil and a paper stump. I loved the effect so much that I thought you might be interested too! It has a very happy,  summer feel that reminds of slices of orange. Don't you think this is perfect for your summer art journals? Or use it on bright and happy mixed media art.